Real-World Composite Applications

Yahoo Pipes Collection

The dataset can be downloaded at this link.

The collected data set contains 8569 reliability models for the Yahoo Pipes composite applications. Furthermore, the data set contains 1391 (16.2%) applications that are built using complex components, i.e. other applications form the data set. The following histogram shows how many applications were built using a certain number of distinct atomic or complex components.


Most applications were built using 5 components (1354 apps), while 66.97% were built using 3-7 components. Apart from the data presented in above figure, the application definitions contained 2 apps built using 24 components, one using 26 components and one using 47 components.

The following graph shows usage of individual components while building apps:


Citing RSOA Datasets

We would kindly ask you to cite our datasets if you found them useful in your work. You can use the following citation format (BIBTex):

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