Zvonimir Pavlić

Consumers build their applications by connecting various components – building blocks spread out over the Internet and developed by different authors.

With the evolution of technology, many physical artifacts, like unmanned vehicles, have their virtual representations, which can be used to manage these artifacts, forming the cyber-physical system. Consumers use virtual representations of physical artifacts as building blocks of their applications. The actions made by consumers in the virtual world have the concrete consequences in the physical world.

Behavior of each widget follows the laws of the world it comes from. Interaction of widgets from different worlds imposes sophisticated composition rules and procedures. We are researching recommenders that both help consumers to compose valid widgets that follow laws from different worlds and provide sound implementation of composed widget. It is essential to successfully close the control loop between the cyber and physical objects, so that consumer actions in the virtual world have the  real-time consequences in the physical world via  widget-managed physical devices.

Our research is focused on diecovering new possibilities of consumer programs optimization in order to manage cyber-physical systems in real time. This implies  translation of consumer applications from composition of widgets to the lower levels of control stack. Target level of application execution should provide hifgh speed connection vith the physical device with low latency and jitter problems.

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