Consumer Program Synchronization Miroslav Popović

Summary of Miroslav’s Ph.D. thesis named “Consumer Program Synchornizatopn”:

Consumer programming paradigm introduces new methodology for application development that is suitable to the widest range of computer users. Support for expressing control and data flow provided by consumer programming methodology satisfies the need for development of situational and personalized consumer programs, but synchronization of such programs requires an extension of basic paradigm. In this thesis, consumer programming methodology is extended with elements for programming synchronization of consumer programs. Principles for design of synchronization mechanisms suitable for mutual application in consumer social networks, consumer programs, and engineered software systems are defined. Based on these design principles, three types of consumer oriented synchronization mechanisms are developed. Defined design methodology and developed synchronization mechanisms are verified by analyzing results of a measurement study. The study measures and compares learnability of proposed consumer synchronization mechanisms with learnability of existing software engineering synchronization mechanisms. Consumer oriented synchronization mechanisms proved more appropriate for consumer program development if compared to traditional synchronization mechanisms used in software engineering.

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